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Pichia Protein Expression System

The Pichia system produces recombinant proteins using Pichia pastoris, a yeast that grows efficiently in media containing methanol. The system expresses high levels of protein for antibody production, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and a variety of industrial processes. The system is highly productive, versatile and simple, and it has produced a wide range of proteins for immunomodulators, hormones, blood proteins, enzymes and vaccines.

Since purchasing the Pichia expression system from the Phillips Petroleum Company in 1993, RCT continues to offer flexible licenses to industry for use of the platform technology. The Pichiaexpression platform consists of Pichia Classic for making non-glycosylated proteins and PichiaGlycoSwitch® for making glycoproteins with mammalian-like sugars. More than 300 biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food companies have taken licenses to the Pichia expression system and over 5,000 different proteins have been expressed using the platform.

Life Technologies (formerly known as Invitrogen® Corp.) makes and sells Pichia Classic Expression Kits and offers contract research using the system under license from RCT. For commercialization of the Pichia GlycoSwitch® System, RCT has partnered with BioGrammatics, Inc. to make and sell Pichia GlycoSwitch® kits and offer contract research services using the system.


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