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Innovate With Us

RCT is focused on investing in the most innovative biomedical opportunities through partnerships with talented entrepreneurs, inventors and founders.

We invest in enabling products and technologies that satisfy unmet biomedical needs and bring significant value to payors, researchers and consumers. These include:

  • Medical Devices that offer minimally invasive solutions and change how health care is delivered to patients
  • Therapeutics that provide sustainable improvements in a patient’s quality of life
  • Tools/technologies that change the way researchers produce, analyze and engineer biological materials
  • Diagnostics that provide information for personalizing a patient’s health care decisions

We partner with experienced entrepreneurs and management in opportunities that have:

  • Capital-efficient development and operating plans
  • Strong intellectual property barriers to market entry
  • Clear regulatory pathways to approval
  • Business plans that maximize long-term value, either through an IPO, trade/asset sale, or licensing

In addition to stable investment capital, we bring unparalleled experience and expertise across life science investing to enhance the success of each new venture. While we invest in opportunities across North America, our focus is on geographic areas with life science concentrations, particularly in the West.

If you are an entrepreneur, inventor or founder with an innovative biomedical opportunity, please contact us.