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Pichia Classic Expression Platform


The Pichia Classic Expression System has been licensed to more than 200 companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, animal health and food industries. The System is the most cost-effective eukaryotic protein expression system for both secretion and intracellular expression. It is ideally suitable for large-scale production of recombinant eukaryotic proteins.

Pichia Classic Advantages

  • Capable of making complex proteins: Has the eukaryotic subcellular machinery needed for post-translation modification including proteolytic processing, folding, disulfide bond formation and glycosylation.
  • High success rate: Delivers a high probability of an active functional recombinant protein.
  • Fast: Grows at a prolific rate and expresses protein at a high-yield per volume.
  • Simple: Uses defined media formulations and established handling techniques.
  • Ease of purification: Secretes proteins into the media to reduce time and money associated with protein purification and processing.
  • Scalable: Can be used for small scale to commercial scale fermentation production.
  • Ease in making production strains: Is easily engineered to create production strains for cell banking.
  • Proven system and accepted by regulatory agencies with several therapeutic drugs approved: Produces proteins that are not contaminated with endotoxin or viruses.

For more information on the Pichia Classic Expression System and RCT’s licensing program for the technology, please visit www.pichia.com.

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