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Our Licensing Portfolio

RCT has developed and invested in relevant life science technologies that enable novel therapeutics, support research and development across the life sciences, and facilitate manufacturing processes worldwide. We primarily commercialize our life science technologies through licensing programs that offer either exclusive or non-exclusive rights.  Our portfolio of life science technologies includes:

Our Interests

RCT seeks new or existing patented life science technologies that can generate fees, milestones and royalties through an active licensing program.  Our interests include platforms for the discovery, development, formulation, and manufacturing of therapeutics, diagnostics and industrial biotech products.   Areas where we have specific interests include:

  • Molecular Biology Tools
  • Novel Vectors, Promoters, and Genetic Control Elements
  • Protein Expression Systems
  • Protein and Nucleic Acid Delivery Systems
  • Novel Drug Scaffolds and Binders
  • Protein Display Technologies
  • Drug Screening Tools
  • Drug Formulation Platforms