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OrthAlign Inc. is a privately held medical device company in Laguna Beach, Calif., established in 2008 to develop a line of computer-assisted implant orientation devices that offer smaller, more streamlined and cost-effective alternatives to large surgical navigation systems. OrthAlign’s goal is to create a new standard of care in total joint replacement, making consistent and measurable results accessible to surgeons through affordable and easy-to-use products.

Total joint replacements are widely used because they offer patients considerable relief from pain as well as restoration of function to the joint. In the United States in 2005, surgeons performed more than 500,000 total knee replacements, about 80 percent of which were made necessary by osteoarthritis. Research shows, however, that malalignment of the mechanical axis of the joint occurs regularly during these procedures, and current approaches to surgical navigation have so far failed to become the standard of care in joint replacement.

OrthAlign’s KneeAlign™ surgical navigation system employs a disposable, palm-sized and non-invasive device that will allow more surgeons to simply and effectively navigate and orient knee-replacement procedures without being bound to the cumbersome, implant-specific and often prohibitively expensive systems currently available.

On January 7, 2009, OrthAlign secured $7.2 million Series A financing that was led by Research Corporation Technologies and Okapi Venture Capital, LLC., of Laguna Beach, Calif. Additional participants included the company’s seed investors and management. The Series A capital is being deployed to confirm the practicality of the technology and the applicability to the surgical suite, and to bring the first generation of products to market. Initial prototypes have received favorable attention from leading orthopedic surgeons in the United States.