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Alchemia Limited is an Australian biotechnology company listed on the ASX with expertise in carbohydrate chemistry, which it has applied to the discovery and development of human therapeutic products. Alchemia’s first product, synthetic heparin (fondaparinux), was approved by the US FDA in 2011 and is marketed in the US under a partnership with Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Limited. Fondaparinux is a generic version of Lovenox® and the brand-name fondaparinux drug Arixtra® (marketed by GlaxoSmithKline). Alchemia’s second product is HA-irinotecan for the treatment of cancer. The product is in Phase III clinical trials and is produced using Alchemia’s HyACT® technology to combine the chemotherapeutic drug irinotecan (Pfizer’s Camptosar®) with hyaluronic acid (HA) to make a safer version of the drug an enable its use in more patients.