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Spencer Health Solutions Sees Increased Demand to Deliver In-Home Virtual Care to Canada’s High-Risk Patients Amid COVID-19 Crisis


MORRISVILLE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spencer Health Solutions, Inc., will immediately expand its presence in Canada, placing 1,500 spencer® direct-to-patient platform units, bringing telehealth to high-risk patients who are the most vulnerable amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This tremendous market demand validates spencer as part of the solution for keeping patients and clinicians connected while minimizing physical contact with remote care,” said Tom Rhoads, Spencer Health Solutions CEO. “Delivery has started with COVID-19 assessment questions that allow early triage from the home.”

Catalyst Healthcare is deploying the spencer direct-to-patient (DTP) solution through its network of certified pharmacies, where demand is surging across provinces where the government has advised clinicians to provide telemedicine or virtual care when possible in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

“This further reduces the need for clinicians to go into a patient home, and for the patient to make a trip to the pharmacy or physician,” said Shane Bishop, Catalyst Healthcare’s CEO. “For patients diagnosed with COVID-19, certified pharmacists connecting through spencer can relieve pressure on the healthcare system by monitoring patient reported outcomes from engagement questions and health vitals collected through Bluetooth, and by conducting telehealth visits.”

Medications are delivered to the front door of homes for those chronically ill patients in Canada and the U.S. who rely on the spencer platform to stay connected with their pharmacists. The spencerCare™ dashboard provides a clear picture of medicines taken, patient responses to health status and symptom questions, along with biometric readings for weight, blood pressure, glucose and oxygen saturation levels.

“We are actively collaborating with Catalyst and other healthcare leaders to innovate and proactively adapt care delivery during this critical time,” said Rhoads. “Having a DTP system with telehealth through spencer provides an easy access system for senior patients. Spencer is helping to drive change in care delivery that we expect to endure well past this pandemic.”

About Spencer Health Solutions

Advancing research and healthcare from the home. Bring new treatments to market faster and at lower cost with the spencer® direct-to-patient platform. Spencer Health Solutions, Inc.’s award-winning technology combines medication dispensing, telehealth and engagement so patients, their health care providers, and clinical research teams stay connected. For more information, visit www.spencerhealthsolutions.com. Follow us on Twitter @spencerhealth.

About Catalyst Healthcare

Catalyst Healthcare is an award-winning technology company who’s patented AdhereNet platform links pharmacists, patients and care teams to manage drug complexity and medication administration. Catalyst’s connected technologies gather, share and correlate data in real-time, allowing pharmacists to better serve their patients and to play a key role in population health. For more information visit catalystrms.com | meetspencertoday.com


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