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Catalyst Biosciences Inc.

Catalyst Biosciences Inc. is a San Francisco company formed around proprietary technology exclusively licensed from the University of California, San Francisco, to develop engineered proteases as a new class of protein therapeutics.

Proteases are naturally occurring protein-degrading enzymes that are catalytic in nature. Each protease molecule is capable of inactivating hundreds to thousands of target molecules, resulting in better target saturation and lowered dosing. Catalyst intends to harness the power of these enzymes as biopharmaceuticals by engineering them towards site-specific cleavage of disease-causing proteins.  The company’s lead development program is an engineered variant of Factor VII for the treatment of hemophilia which is partnered with Pfizer under an exclusive, worldwide collaboration that includes double digit royalties and up to $500 million in other potential milestone payments to Catalyst.

Co-investors with RCT in Catalyst include Burrill and Co., Soffinova Venture Partners, Novartis Bioventures and Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation.