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Lacoste & Romberg Scintrex

Research Corporation Technologies and other parties purchased Scintrex Limited in April 2001. Following the sale, Scintrex merged with two other leaders in the geophysical instrumentation and services industries.

The holding company, LaCoste & Romberg-Scintrex, Inc., joined LaCoste & Romberg, Scintrex and Micro-g Solutions Inc., a Scintrex subsidiary. The combination of these companies complements their strengths and will enable future products that include new dynamic and gradiometer systems for marine, airborne, and borehole exploration.

Lacoste & Romberg-Scintrex Inc. offices are located in Canada and the United States. The company leads the world in manufacturing high-quality absolute and relative gravity meters for use on land, in boreholes, underwater, on the sea surface and in aircraft. The company is also involved in the design, manufacture, and sales of a wide range of other geophysical instrumentation, including induced polarization, magnetics, resistivity, borehole, radiometric, radon, electromagnetic and seismic. The Scintrex survey division includes fixed-wing and helicopter-borne multi-sensor airborne operation along with ground geophysical services.

The Scintrex power-control division continues to provide state-of-the-art power-generation control and safety instrumentation, primarily to the nuclear reactor market.