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Use of Pichia Expression System is Worldwide


Tucson, AZ – Dec 02, 2002

Research Corporation Technologies licensed the use of its Pichia yeast protein expression system this year to 19 new users in the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan and India. Pichia system licensees now total more than 120 companies worldwide in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries that produce recombinant proteins and related products.

Pichia pastoris is a robust yeast expression system that produces high levels of recombinant proteins for a variety of pharmaceutical and industrial purposes. The Pichia system is stable, durable and cost-effective. Pichia grows on a simple media and secretes low amounts of endogenous protein, making it easier to recover and purify desired proteins. The genetic structure of the yeast allows it to produce high levels of protein without adverse effects to itself or the protein.

Many types of proteins have been expressed in the Pichia system, including enzymes, proteases, protease inhibitors, receptors, single-chain antibodies and regulatory proteins. Some have been expressed to levels as high as grams per liter.

Since purchasing the Pichia system from Phillips Petroleum in 1993, RCT has aggressively marketed the system to new users and sought new technologies to improve the system.

The Pichia system is part of a portfolio of technologies available through RCT’s Gene Expression Technologies (GET) licensing program. The GET program offers systems and components for gene expression at affordable costs. The program provides flexible, nonexclusive licenses with manageable fees and fractional royalties based on fields of use.

“We deal with multiple technologies and as a result, companies may license several technologies from us,” said Bennett N. Cohen, Ph.D., GET program managing director. “This can be a great advantage to a company because once we’ve established a relationship, subsequent transaction times are reduced, which helps keep costs down.”


For more information about the GET licensing program, contact Cohen at (520) 748-4400, (520) 748-0025 fax.