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RCT Issues Exclusive License to DePuy AcroMed for Halo Fixation Pin


Tucson, AZ – Oct 19, 2000

Research Corporation Technologies (RCT) has issued an exclusive license to DePuy AcroMed, a Johnson & Johnson company, to integrate an innovative bone-fixation pin in its Bremer line of halo external braces. The product is marketed under the name HIFix™.

Dr. Michael J. Voor of the University of Louisville developed the technology to address the need for better pin fixation in halo devices, which provide the most rigid external immobilization for patients with cervical spine injuries.

A halo brace is comprised of an upper-body vest connected via posts to a lightweight ring or crown that encircles the patient’s head. The crown is securely fastened to the patient’s skull by four fixation pins. The orthotic device functions as a unit to stabilize the cervical column. Research has shown the HIFix pin has almost twice the initial resistance to transverse loading compared to standard pins and reduces micromotion nearly sevenfold.

DePuy is the world’s oldest commercial orthopedics manufacturer. DePuy AcroMed, one of six DePuy divisions, specializes in external fixation and spinal implant products and is based in Raynham, Massachusetts.

RCT is working with Dr. Voor and the University of Louisville to test the pin in other minimally invasive external fixation applications.


For more information about this RCT technology, contact Joseph G. Stumpf, Director, Commercialization, RCT, (520) 748-4460.