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RCT Hits Licensing Milestone for Essential Protein Expression Tool


Tucson, Ariz. – May 26, 2004

Research Corporation Technologies has 100 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies licensed to use a versatile DNA sequence that enables a high level of protein expression in mammalian cells.

RCT’s Gene eXpression Technologies (GXT) licensing program has licensed the bovine growth hormone polyadenylation (bgh-polyA) signal sequence to companies in the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia.

The bgh-polyA signal is a specialized termination sequence useful for producing pharmaceutical proteins and peptides in mammalian cells, increasing gene expression in gene therapy, and producing recombinant proteins in transgenic animals.

For protein expression to occur in mammalian cells, messenger RNA (mRNA) must be transported from the cell nucleus, where transcription occurs, to the cytoplasm for translation into protein. The bgh-polyA sequence signals the addition of a “tail” of adenines to the end of the mRNA that enables export to the cytoplasm. Upon reaching the cytoplasm, the polyA tail is maintained during protein translation and stabilizes the mRNA during protein expression.

Jennifer T. Caldwell, Ph.D., the RCT associate who manages licensing of the bgh-polyA signal sequence, said the technology has proven to be instrumental in gene expression and continues to be employed widely in protein production and gene therapy.

“The success of the bgh-polyA signal licensing program illustrates RCT’s proficiency at delivering relevant and versatile technologies to corporate R&D and manufacturing,” Caldwell said.

RCT manages commercialization of the bgh-polyA signal sequence for Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, which assigned RCT the rights to its U.S., European and Japanese patents in 1997.

The GXT program is gathering many of the world’s most widely used gene expression systems, tools and genes into one convenient and affordable licensing program. GXT licenses are flexible and nonexclusive, with manageable fees and royalties based on fields of use. For more information about the GXT program visit https://rctech.com/licensing/gene-expression.php.