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RCT Hires David Bramhill to Direct Its Gene Expression Program


Tucson, Ariz. – Jun 12, 2007

David Bramhill, Ph.D., has joined Research Corporation Technologies as director of the company’s Gene eXpression Technologies (GXT) Program.

He is responsible for managing and supporting existing licenses and partners, and securing new users and licensees for the various GXT technologies. Bramhill also assesses novel gene-expression, protein-production and protein-therapeutic technologies for potential acquisition and development by RCT.

RCT is a Tucson, Ariz.-based technology investment and management company that provides early-stage funding and development for promising biomedical companies and technologies. RCT has assets of more than $300 million to advance technology development through flexible, long-term investment options.

Since purchasing the Pichia pastoris Yeast Protein Expression System in 1993, RCT has acquired an array of widely used gene expression systems, genes and biologics that it licenses through the GXT Program following development by RCT and its partners.

RCT launched the GXT program in 2000 to help relieve some of the complex royalty burdens faced by biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. GXT licenses are flexible and often nonexclusive, with manageable fees and royalties. Along with the Pichia Protein Expression System, the GXT portfolio includes the InsectSelect™ Insect Cell Expression System, the bovine growth hormone polyadenylation (bgh-polyA) signal sequence, a fibronectin antibody scaffold and several promoters and enhancers.

Bramhill has more than 16 years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. His expertise includes protein chemistry, gene expression, purification, enzymology, cell and biochemical high-throughput screening, diverse immunological assays, molecular and cellular biology, phage display and genomics.

Prior to joining RCT, Bramhill was the founder of Bramhill Biological Consulting in Westfield, N.J. He also held research and licensing positions focused on the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies and assays at Merck Research Laboratories in Rahway, N.J. Before joining Merck, he was a research fellow at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif.

Bramhill received his doctorate in DNA repair at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. His bachelor’s and master’s degrees in natural sciences are from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

“We are very pleased to welcome Dave to RCT,” said Shaun A. Kirkpatrick, RCT president and CEO. “His background in biotechnology research and its commercialization will serve us well.”