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New RCT Licensing Program Offers Popular Gene Expression Systems at Reasonable Rates


Tucson, AZ – Jun 29, 2000

Research Corporation Technologies (RCT) has launched a new licensing program to offer widely used gene expression systems and associated technologies at affordable costs.

What began with the Pichia Yeast Protein Expression System in 1993 has evolved into a multifaceted collection of basic “expression” technologies available to companies through flexible, nonexclusive licensing terms.

“We understand the complex royalty burdens on the biopharmaceuticals industry and gene therapy companies,” said Bennett N. Cohen, Ph.D., who directs the Gene Expression Technologies (GET) program. “We intend to help relieve these burdens through our GET program.”

The program features expression technologies in a variety of disciplines that are available to companies of all sizes. The Pichia system, for example, is licensed to more than 80 companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries that produce recombinant proteins and related products.

In addition to the Pichia system, the GET portfolio includes the viral-mediated gene transfer system, the InsectSelect™ Insect Cell Expression System, the bovine growth hormone polyadenylation signal sequence and several other promoters and enhancers.

RCT has hired additional staff for the expanding program to help market its features to potential commercial licensees worldwide.

Cohen invites companies and universities to consider submitting technologies for inclusion in the GET program.


For more information about such proposals and to find out more about GET licensing opportunities, contact: Bennett N. Cohen, Ph.D., Director, Commercialization, RCT, (520) 748-4400, (520) 748-0025 fax.