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DisperSol Technologies, LLC

DisperSol Technologies was founded in 2007 and evolved from a research collaboration with the College of Pharmacy at The University of Texas at Austin. The focus of this collaboration was to adapt and apply a unique plastics processing technology to pharmaceutical manufacturing. KinetiSol® emerged from this research as an innovative technology for the production of drug-polymer composite systems most notably for solubility/bioavailability enhancement of poorly water-soluble compounds. Since its inception, various applications for KinetiSol have been established in the field of drug delivery. DisperSol holds numerous patents related to the technology and the equipment as well as several pending patents.

DisperSol collaborates with major pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, and research institutions on applications of the KinetiSol® technology and to find delivery solutions for the most challenging poorly water-soluble molecules. DisperSol provides KinetiSol feasibility and development studies, amorphous formulation development support, cGMP manufacturing of amorphous intermediate, chemical and solid-state characterization, formulation performance analysis, and physical/chemical stability assessment. DisperSol is in the process of expanding the capabilities of their Texas facility to provide turnkey product development, manufacturing, analytical, and regulatory documentation services for drugs at all stages of development and commercialization.